New Shoes...

New Shoes
New Shoes and New Smiles for kids in need...

Everyone loves to get a new pair of shoes. They make you run faster, jump higher and look good doing it. Unfortunately for kids living in poverty in America, putting on new shoes rarely happens. Kids in poverty face a daily struggle. Shoes with holes in them, hand me down shoes that are too big, or too small, making their feet grow crooked and deformed. Others have holes in their shoes. Many have no shoes at all.

Sole Mission provides a new well fitting pair of shoes to kids living in poverty.  To be a part of this movement to provide shoes to kids across America, browse our website and get involved!

Donate Now!

SUMMER is right around the corner! Please become a part of Sole Mission’s Summer of Shoes by donating money or shoes to provide for kids in need across the US!

Check out what the kids and parents are saying to those of you who donate funds and shoes!!

Follow us to keep up to date with the latest happenings! We’ll be posting info and pics directly from events, special announcements, shoe sales at local stores, etc.